Sony Vaio Pcg

Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger

Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger

Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger    Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger
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Charger sony power supply brand: sony model: vgp-ac19v46 vgp-ac19v15 vgp-19v16 vgpac19v15 pcga-ac19v5 pcga-19v7 voltage: 19.5v amperage: 6.2a connector: 6.5mm x 4.5mm / 1 pin element provided: power cable 220v fraçais condition: opportunity warranty: 1 year reference: or039-occaz. Attention: the photo is for information only. Please compare with your model. Important note about your delivery address.

Your address must be up to date in the simplified status for check payments. If your delivery address is incorrect or incomplete: you can update it simply and quickly. Any return of mail with reason. The item "original sony vaio power charger pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm x 4.5mm" is on sale since Monday, December 10, 2018. It is in the category "computers, networks \ computer accessories \ chargers / adapters portable".

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Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger    Original Sony Vaio Pcg-9 19.5v 6.2a 6.5mm X 4.5mm Power Charger